Linux Console Commands

I will write on this page by updating the linux bash programs that are used in general. Hope it helps.

gzip (GNU is the short writing of zip. GNU software is file compression program) with compression: compresses the specified file in file.gz format.

gzip -9 files

To open:

gunzip file.gz

bzip2 (bzip2 or BZ2 is a free software/open source software data compression algorithm developed by Julian Seward) compression: Compresses the requested file as file.bz2.

bzip2 file

To open:

bunzip2 file.bz2

tinted with tar (Tar command (tape archive) file groups.) and compression: Archive the specified file as file.tar.

tar -cvf file.tar file

To open:

tar -xvf file.tar

compression with tar.gz: Makes the specified files or folders file.tar, then compress it with gzip and convert the file.tar.gz.

tar -zcvf file.tar.gz klasor1 klasor2 file

To open:

tar -zxvf file.tar.gz

To remove files to a different location:

tar -zxvf file.tar.gz -C interestlacak_konum

clamping with zip (Zip is a form of data compression and archiving): Compresses the specified files or folders as

zip -r dosya_yada_klasor

To open:


To open the encrypted file:

unzip -P Password

rar(RAR is a file compression and archiving format. Compression with Eugene Roshal) compresses the specified files or folders into file.rar.

rar a -ap file.rar dosya_yada_klasor

To open the file:

unrar e file.rar

To create an encrypted file:

rar a -ap -p file.rar dosya_yada_klasor

To open the encrypted file:

unrar e-p Password file.rar

Ssh commands

Provides an SSH connection. The connection with the exit command is closed.  With the command "-p", we identify the port we want.

ssh userName@sunucuİp -p 7777

The following command is used to update the time and date on the server. Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Year, respectively.  only if you give the date command will give you the current date and time.

date 120321372018

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