WordPress setup with domain and host received

You want to make a blog or website but don’t know where to start? Are you confused about what you need to build your site? Let’s look at this together. Let’s get started.

When you want to build a website from scratch, you’ll need some programming information. With this programming knowledge, you get yourself a functionality by preparing an html page and doing the necessary programming (php, asp,django, etc.) in the background( php, asp,django, etc.). You create content using the functional programs you type and own a website. But for people with no programming knowledge, it’s a monument to obscurity.

Content management systems have been written to overcome this. Such systems are used to set up and manage a website without even programming a single one. That’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

What is WordPress?

When it comes to the content management system, wordpress is the first software that comes to mind. This is due to the fact that it is open source and the most used content management system. Php is a content management system written using mysql. The first date of its release was May 27, 2003. It has the power to write and manage all kinds of content. For example, if you want to set up an e trading site, you can do so using wordpress with the necessary plugins. If you want a blog site you can do it with wordpress. If you are producing a product and want to advertise it, you can create yourself a portfolio site. So you can create a site using the wordpress management system in a nutshell.

It offers a publishing platform with its standard, fast, lightweight and personal settings, which are distributed freely, and with its fully interchangeable core according to desired features. It contains more than 40,000 add-ons. Each of these offers custom functions and features that allow users to tailor their sites to their specific needs. If you have programming information in php, you can integrate it into wordpress by writing an add-on. Further down, you can create an add-on revenue that you typed.

WordPress official site can be found at: You can also find more detailed information by accessing the wordpress page on Wikipedia at:

Host and Domain concepts

If you want to have a site, you must have a host computer that can work 24/7, first with a name (domain/ domain name), and then wordpress files. If you look at the articles I have written about these topics before, you can find more detailed information. For more information about Domain, please contact the following address and the host for more information about the host. Since I’ve written about this before, I don’t go into too much detail here.

Preparation phase and necessary programs

I keep assuming you have a domain name and a host. Let’s look at what needs to be done after this stage.

If you want to send content to the host you own, you’ll do it through an app instead of the interfaces you’re used to. Because host computers do not have an interface like computers for personal use. That’s why we’re going to do the actions you want to do using additional programs.

Let’s talk about the technology used first. A technology called FTP (file transfer protocol) is used for this transfer process. An FTP connection is created between two computers connected to the Internet (your computer and host computer) to transfer files. This connection allows the file transfer process.

We need to use an FTP program to transfer files to the host. There are many FTP programs available on the Internet. But the most widely used program is filezilla. With this program, we can send anything we want to our host computer.

This program creates a connection between the host and the computer we use, and thanks to this connection, we can send files to our host. To download filezila, go to the official site at this address. It’s downloadable for Windows and linux, so you can use it on both platforms.

Let’s download the Filezilla program from the official site to our computer.

Now we’re going to need wordpress files to set up wordpress. So let’s download the necessary files from wordpress. You can download it at this address.

How to open an FTP account through the Host management page?

Once we have obtained the files that are required to us, we need to contact the filezilla program by entering the information of the host computer. Before that, we need to go to the host management panel and create an FTP account.

To do this, you can create an FTP account by going to the management panel provided to you by the company where you received the host service, creating a new account within FTP management.

Create an FTP account through the host management panel

Although this varies depending on the host management panel you are using, the process is the same. Before you go to FTP management, there are FTP accounts that have been created. Here you say add a new account, and after you enter the required information, the FTP account is created.

How to adjust filezilla?

Now that we’ve got the FTP account, we can get to the side of the netbell now.

As I’ve written before, it serves a single purpose with filzil, file transfer. Now we can identify the FTP account we’ve opened into the netzil la and make a connection between the host computer. For this, we open the filezilla program and click on the icon on the left side.

Making an FTP connection with filezilla

Site links are provided through the pop-up window. You can also use the “File>site administrator” path to access this window. Or it is possible to reach the screen on the same screen by shortening “Ctrl+s” via the keyboard.

After we reach the Site manager window, we’ll use the “Add site” button here to add host information.

Filezilla site management screen

After pressing the Add site button, the section on the right will be active.

Filezilla site management screen 2

We’re filling up the places I’ve numbered, respectively.

After filling in this information, we can connect to our server by pressing the connect button.

Once we connect the server, we will view a set of files that were previously in the server. But before that, I want to tell you about the interface of the filezilla program.

Filezilla home screen

The filezilla home screen consists of four parts.

Here are the local and remote server screens that are important to us, i.e. screens 2 and 3.

We’ll upload our files to the folder that says “public_html” between folders on the host computer. That’s why we’re opening the inside of this folder first. Then we remove the wordpress files we downloaded to our computer from the archive and make them ready to send them to our host computer.

From the Filezilla program, we find wordpress files that we removed from the archive from the screen with the files of our own computer in the second part, and we choose them all. Then we right-click and press the load.

Filezilla file transfer process

This allows wordpress files on our computer to be installed in the “public_html” folder on the server.

While our files are uploaded to the server, we’ll create the database that’s required for wordpress. We’re going to need a database during WordPress setup.

How to create a database from the Host management panel ?

Let’s briefly address the database. The database wordpress settings are where all the information we write, all the pictures we’ll upload, user comments from the site, and everything you can think of. So i need a database to make the wordpress system work. We need to create a database by going back to the host management page.

Phpmyadmin is the name of the application that manages database operations. With this application, we can perform all database operations, but sql encoding information is required. Instead you can create a database using only visual entities without knowing coding through the host management panel.

Now let’s reopen the host management page and go to “mysql management” or go to the “mysql management” page if you’re using english.

Host management panel
Create a database from the host management panel

This section wants a database name, database username, and password. The Host panel automatically creates a user for the user name that starts with the database name. You can change this part if you want. Then we set a password. We will use this information when setting up wordpress. So don’t forget to take notes somewhere.

After you create the database, let’s go back to the filezilla program. He’s probably finished sending files.

How to set up WordPress ?

We have carried out all the necessary stages for wordpress installation. We sent our files to the server, created a database. We can get set up now.

To start the installation, we add a slash sign “/” to the web browser after you type the name of our site as well as domain address and type “wp-admin”. This will lead us to the wordpress setup page.

wordpress setup screen

This is the first page that greets us. Here is the emphasis that the information contained with the database is necessary. We continue because we have the necessary information for the database.

wordpress database settings screen

On this screen, we need to enter the database information that we create through the host management panel. Here’s the important part: database name, user name, and password section. We don’t need to intervene in the other part.

When entering the database name, we need to enter it the way it is shown in the management panel. For example, if we typed “wordpress” for the database name, we need to enter it here with the name given by the server. This is usually supplied with the username. For example, let’s call it ahmet, the name the host company gave you. In this part of wordpres, you must type “ahmet_wordpress” as the database name.

In the same way as the database username, we enter the name we created from the host management panel. Again with the username.

Then we enter the password we identified and press the send button.

WordPress database operations performed successfully

If the information you enter is correct, you will encounter a screen like this. It says we can continue the setup process with a screen that successfully states that the database connection has been made.

The purpose of adding a database first, as I said before, is that all information will be registered in the database, so a database connection must be established first.

Wordpess site months screen

After we finish the installation process, the page where the basic settings are made for our site are welcomed. This page has a title for our site, a user and password to log in to the site, and there are a few more settings related to the site. We fill these parts as we wish.

After you complete this operation,

wordpress site information completed successfully

We encounter a screen that indicates that all operations have been completed. The username I specified on this screen and the password I set before appear, hidden.

To log in to the system, you can click on the button to go to the home screen. To log into the system outside this button, simply type “wp-admin” after you have placed a slash sign “/” at the end of your website. The page required to log in will meet you.

After logging into the system, we reach the wordpress homepage

wordpress homepage

With this management system, you will be able to manage any content you want.

It is related to the use of wordpress after this. That’s a different subject of writing 🙂

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