I’ve had this thing happen to me. The other day I connected my computer with linux mint 19 to HDMI TV. He conveyed the smooth image, but he didn’t give the audio output. Then I tampered with the sound settings, and then I took care of it. That day, he saw what I needed, but then I couldn’t get any sound from any other app on the computer. I’ve never had a problem with this before. I looked it up and solved the problem 🙂

If you’ve encountered this kind of problem like me before, you might think your computer is hardware-malfunctioning, but that’s not the case. Because when I test the speakers (with the option to test the speakers in the operating system), no malfunctions appear. So the test sounds sound fine, right and left.

Hdmi enables both audio and video transfer. If you don’t get audio after you connect the HDMI cable, you’ll need to direct the audio output to HDMI from your computer’s audio settings. That’s how I did it. After disconnecting from the HDMI, I saw that this volume was in place only the analog, the computer’s own audio output. Although this was selected, it was not giving any audio output. Because there was no sound controller installed in the system. Therefore, no audio output was selected after disconnecting from THE HDMI.

I downloaded the PulseAudio app for the voice controller and the problem was resolved.

To do this, type the command line:

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-equalizer

This code applies to mate desktop. If you are using a different desktop, you must change the installation command as needed.

You will ask for an administrator password, and after you enter the password, the application will be installed. Then go to the audio settings and select the analog audio output again. The problem is resolved 🙂

The opposite could be the case. When I connected to HDMI, hdmi audio output was visible in the devices section. If it doesn’t appear when you connect it, you can do so with this program.

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