When the computer reached me, I noticed that the HDD was constantly restarted, plugged it into my own computer and tried the HDD corrupted. I bought a new HDD and assembled it. I said, I’ll write a piece about how it’s going to be. Let’s get started then 🙂

There’s only one screw holding the back cover, and when we remove it, the HDD aluminum appears to be covered with a foil.

We pull it out of the grip on the edge, a little bit back then up.

We’re removing the protective plate around it, there are small screws in four corners. We’re ripping them out and putting them on the new HDD. When you sit in the HDD slot, we put it horizontally in the slot and push it forward. We literally close the lid the same way after we sit down. That’s the process.  

If you want to change keyboards and batteries, we first remove the frame in front of the keyboard.

It doesn’t matter if it’s right or left, it throws itself when you lift it with the help of a flat screwdriver from the edge.  Then we pick up slowly and pull it out, and the bar goes off. There are four screws holding the keyboard under the bar, and when we remove them, the keyboard is idle.  When we lift the keyboard from the front side (from the part with the f1,f2, f3 keys), we slide it up, our keyboard comes out.

Keyboard connection, wifi connection and bios battery in the middle. You can do what you want 🙂

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