Hello everyone, today we’re talking about cleaning. You know, every electronic device attracts all the dust in its environment, and these powders accumulate over time, creating a problem for electronic parts. Let’s see how we can handle this problem together.

Computer and other electronic devices (Smartphone, TV, Game consoles … ) is in a continuous process, and it limits too much as a price of this study. Fans are used to prevent this. This allows fans to circulate the necessary air and tries to lower the temperature of the device. Everything is so good, but all the dust in the environment sticks to these fans over time and starts to perform the fan function. Sounds too much (think about the day you first received your pc:) Isn’t that how quiet he worked? ) Dust that begins to accumulate in the power supply over time creates a problem.

Before i tell you how to clean the power supply, I’d like to talk about what the desktop computer should clean up. After opening the side cover of the desktop computer, you can clean the air by blowing air with the air blowing machine without too close to the CPU(processor) fan. If you don’t have an air blowing machine, you can do the same with a hairdryer with cold air blowing.

Let’s make arrangements. Required materials:

We’re opening the side cover of the computer.

We carefully disassemble the connection cables from the power supply to the computer’s motherboard. (At this point, I can give you this advice. Take a picture with your phone before taking any action, and after the cleaning process is over, you can connect the cables again by looking at this image. )

There is a nail at the ends of the connecting cables. When removing these cables, it is necessary to pull them by holding down the fingernail. If you withdraw without doing this, you can damage your motherboard or cable. You have to be careful!

After disconnecting the power supply from the motherboard, turn the back of the case and remove the four small screws that hold the power supply.

Once you remove it, the power supply will remain idle. Carefully dislodge the power supply without damaging parts on the motherboard.

Once we remove the power supply, we remove all four screws that hold the top cover of the power supply and dislodge the lid.

We’ll see one fan and capacitors trapped in the dust. Now let’s clean this up nicely with the air blowing machine.


After the cleaning process is over, we remove the fan inside the power supply and pour machine oil between the fan. You can also do this without displacing the fan.

After we’re done, we’re retributing it like we did. First we close the lid, then we install the power supply in place, then we connect it with the motherboard.

If you have not made a mistake during the process, the cleaning is over. Good luck 🙂

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