A friend of mine said the laptop made a lot of noise and didn’t work as much performance as it used to be. I told him the laptop needed to be cleaned, and I wanted to put it in writing to show you how to clean it, what processes it went through. Pleasant readings 🙂

Required materials:

  • Klemens screwdriver set
  • Thermal putty
  • One handkerchief 🙂

If you’ve provided the necessary supplies, let’s get started.

Casper rear

Casper computers are really easy to clean and change parts. When the cover on the back of the computer is removed, we are able to access all the necessary parts.

  • 1) Harddrive
  • 2) Ram
  • 3) Wifi card
  • 4) CPU (Processor)
  • 5) CPU fan (Processor cooler fan)

What’s important to us is the processor fan and the processor.

Casper processor part

We’re removing the screws from where I’m marking them. That way, the processor fan will be idle. Slowly, we lift the copper plate up from the processor part.

If this cleaning process has not been done for a long time, it may be a little difficult when removing the thermal paste between the processor and the refrigerant copper is frozen. Take care to slowly remove it without damaging anywhere!
Casper CPU

When we remove the fan, you can see the thermal paste on the processor and on the copper plate. Let’s set these aside and check the fan. (We’ll go back here)


I dropped some of it while cleaning, but if you pay attention to the bottom right, you can see the object accumulating and layered on the fan output side 🙂

After cleaning this with the help of a brush, we clean the honeycombs of the slot where the fais is located in the same way.

Now let’s go back to the first part and wipe the old and defiant thermal paste that remains on the processor carefully and without overprinting with the handkerchief. We will apply the same process for the copper plate.

This will be the way after you clean it:

CPU Putty
Copper plate putty

It looks clean, :). Now it’s time to apply the new thermal paste.

There's a misconception that if we use thermal paste too much, it will do better cooling. That's wrong. If too much thermal paste is used, it can cause different problems as it will overflow out of the processor. Therefore, it is sufficient to apply an amount according to the surface area.
The goal here is to spread the paste over enough space. 

After using enough putty, spread it to the surface with a handkerchief and broadcast equal amounts to each area.

CPU Thermal putty application

We cleaned the fan, replaced the thermal paste that was old and there was no use. Now we put the pieces back like we’ve ripped it out, and we put it in place, no matter which screw we remove.

On computers that are not cleaned and no putty replacement, you may experience shutdowns over time due to poor performance and overheating of the processor. These problems will damage parts of the computer in the long run.

If you have not done anything wrong with the paste section, you won’t have to replace the paste for a long time depending on the quality of the paste you use.

If you have to use your computer in a very dusty and dirty place, it is useful for your computer’s health to do this cleaning at a certain interval.

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