I told you in my previous article that I’ve been working in English these days. I have to look and read the words I’ve just learned every day to remember and do it again. That goes for anyone who’s starting to learn something new. But what happens to everyone in the phase of learning something new is not doing it again.

I can forget to do it again sometimes, or there are times when I don’t want to look because of work fatigue. I decided to do something like this. Board 🙂

In a very easy and simple way, everyone can apply it at home. Let’s get started 🙂

The materials we’re going to use:

  • One white cardboard paper (this number can be duplicated based on the size you want to make)
  • One duct tape
  • One paste adhesive
  • Wooden pencil you can get in any color

We’ve got supplies ready, now go to a table and put the carton on the table. Start covering the carton with duct tape. Tape it with a side-by-side duct tape without gaps in between.

If you look carefully at the picture, you can see that half of it is covered with tape. In this way, tape the complete cartons. (Be careful to tape in the same direction. If you’re tapening the carton upright, tape them all in that direction)

After the taping process is finished, twist the remaining bands on the edges backwards to prevent damage to the corners of the carton.

After fully taping the carton, open the dough glue and paste the tapes into the back of the carton where we curl.

Release the dough glue as much as possible, so you paste more space.

After spreading the dough glue nicely on the back of the carton, you can paste it anywhere you want. The wall is very suitable for this 🙂

After you’ve finished everything, you get a paperboard that’s ready to use it like this. Hope to use it on good times…

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