How to open a Hotmail/Outlook account ? How to create an account

When we register somewhere in real life, we use our own name and surname and use the address of our house as an address. In the virtual world, it’s our e-mails that this is against. When registering for a site on the Internet, we are prompted to enter an email address. After entering the e-mail address, this address is used for communication through the site. Let’s look at how to open an outlook account with its new name, hotmail, formerly a product of Microsoft.

First, open the following address for the registration page and start the necessary actions.

Microsoft e-mail creation screen

We’ll encounter a page like this where we log in to the site. On this page, click on the “Get a new email address” link.

Microsoft e-mail creation screen

After the click, we’ll see an area where we can write our email address that we want to create. After you type the email address we want in this field, we can select the domain name we want from the pop-up menu that is in the mix. These domain names contain addresses, outlook.comtr, and

You can choose from these three domains according to your preference. If the email address you want to use in the domain name you selected has been received, you will be notified of an alert screen. Since this address has been received earlier, you may encounter a screen that says you can’t get the same address again. In such a case, you can continue by entering a different address.

Microsoft email password creation screen

After selecting the address you want and continuing, we see the screen where we need to create the password for this address. Once we’ve identified the password we want here, we can continue using the forward button.

Microsoft e-mail account information screen

After we create the password, we need to enter information about the account. In this section, we enter the name and surname information we want to use.

Microsoft e-mail account information screen

After the name name information, we encounter the page where i am asked for our country and date of birth information. If we want to have a new email within turkey’s borders, if the country/region part automatically comes turkey selected. We continue after entering our date of birth information.

Microsoft email robot control screen

We’ve got one last process left. We need to fill out a security picture to check whether we’re a real person or a new email address like this through programming. Let’s continue after writing the characters we see in the picture into the relevant space.

Microsoft profile pageMicrosoft profile pageMicrosoft profile page

After a short animation, we encounter a page like this. Our account is being successfully created. We’re currently on microsoft’s profile page. We’ll use the “other actions” address to look at our e-mails.

Go to microsoft hotmail page

To go to the page where we view our emails, click “Other actions” at the bottom of our profile. We’ll have a pop-up menu, and when we click on the “Show inbox” link on this menu;

Microsoft hotmail inbox view

It’s getting to the page where we’re viewing our incoming e-mails.

This is how the Hotmail/Outlook account was created.

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