What is Domain? how to get domain ? all about domain for beginners

Each item, every content, every application in a virtual environment has a real-life equivalent. So all the real-life affirmations have been transferred to the virtual environment and a proper naming has been made. Today we’re going to examine the domain, which is the equivalent of the naming method we use in real life in the virtual realm. Let’s get started.

What is Domain?

The Domain address is your website’s name on the internet. When you want to have a website over the Internet, you’ll need to rent a hosting and host your site files here. In this hosting process, then users must access these files and enter the hosting address in their web browsers to access them and access their content. Ip (internet protocol) is used as a hosting address. For each site you visit, you must enter a 4-block ip address group.

Request to the web site

Sample ip address: ip address

When you consider the websites you visit during the day, it is not very troublesome and useful to keep such an address in your heart and log in this way for each site. That’s why a system called domain has been developed.

How does Domain work?

When you want to go to a site, you type the domain name through your web browser. This domain name is queried through DNS (domain name server) systems and detects the host computer to which the domain address you typed is connected. After this detection, it connects you to this hosting computer. This connection takes place in milliseconds in the background. After connecting to the hosting computer, it returns you an html page with the web server programs contained in it. That’s how you get to a website.

How does Domain work?

If it wasn’t for this domain system;

for Google:

for Facebook:

for gmail:

For sites like that, we would have to write ip addresses in a web browser and visit them that way.

What is the importance of domain?

I told you that every single content that’s on the Internet has a real-life equivalent. Imagine you have a business. In real life, you have the necessary registrations and set a name and have a place of work with that name. No one else can use that name but you. To use this name on the Internet, you must register the domain name. When you register the domain name, no one else can use it but you. You have a name allocated to you. It’s like registering names in real life.

So if you have a company or business, you can register and start using that name in the virtual world. If you don’t hurry up, someone else can take that name for you. If you encounter such a situation, you will have to wait for this name to be wasted, and if it does not go to waste, you can talk to the person who registered this name and transfer it to yourself. In such a case, you may have to take the name by paying multiple times more than the person who purchased the name.

Actually, you don’t buy the domain name here. He’s only on loan for a certain period of time. This period is rented for a minimum year maximum of 5-10 years. Although this rental period varies from site to site, rentals can be carried out for an average of five years. This gives you the right to use the name you received for the duration of your choice. When this time is over, the name you get is in vain, and a different person can re-register it.

Another important thing is that it’s a very nice way to use it when you want to have your workplace name or your own email address. For example, you can have your own e-mail address with your own name, such as hotmail or gmail, for the mail service. I can open an e-mail with my own domain address, which is my domain address, because I connect this domain name, which I have taken with my own name, with hosting. So I created an e-mail address, If you want, you can have such an email address after you have contacted the hosting by taking a domain. This creates an institutional image for your business. If you want to use it for yourself and not for the workplace, you can use the domain you receive to have your own own e-mail address.

Where can I get the domain name?

Domain registration process; It is carried out by domain registrars authorized by ICANN (the most authorized institution with domain regulation and supervision authority). You can reach many companies that can record domains with a short search on the Internet. You can agree with any company you want and rent the domain name.

How many different domain types are there?

There are two different types of domains, the first of which is domains that end with .com .org .net, which everyone knows closely.

The second is local domains. They contain country codes. For our country, domain names like, namely domain names that are finally .tr, are domain names allocated for our country.

There are certain procedures and required documentation to retrieve the domain names with the end .tr extension. After you have allocated these documents, you can receive the domain name with the extension .tr. The documents required for the .tr extension can be found at this address.

Documents required for field names with the extension .tr

In our country, middle east technical university (METU) has managed the allocation and operations of domain names with the extension “.tr” with the Nic.TR system created by its own staff with the international authority it received from IANA/ICANN in 1990. I say he has managed it because with the contract he signed on December 21, 2018, he has transferred the authority of the Registration Authority of “.tr” to the Information Technology and Communication Authority (BTK). The necessary information can be found at this address.

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