Personal dictionary

I’ve said before that I’m trying to improve my English. You know I’ve made myself a whiteboard about it and repeat the words I’ve learned regularly every day. Based on this idea, I wanted to transfer this application to the virtual environment, and the personal dictionary came out. Now let’s go further into detail and tell you what kind of path I’ve been going on.

I’m constantly researching and collecting resources for English. I’m looking at how to find out better and faster. One thing to remember when learning something new is to do it again all the time. If it is not done again and the newly learned information is not used, it will be forgotten after a while. Nature’s law is 🙂

So you have to do it again to remember what you’ve learned. When I was thinking about what I could do about it, I thought about the whiteboard I used in my room and I wanted to make a website where I could record a Turkish equivalent and an exemplary sentence for every word I learned.

That way, I could open the website and do it again at any time. I started preparing and started doing this job with django, the web roof of python.

It’s just a painting right now, but over time, I’m going to enrich its content and post everything I find relevant to English on this site.

Remember, you can't learn English just by memorizing words. You should use the words you learn by talking.

You can reach the site at this address.[adsense_link]

I’m going to blog how to do such a site with django at a time when I’m available

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