When developing an app, we use editors to make things easier. The most familiar and most widely used editor for Python is pycharm.

What is Pycharm? Integrated Development Environment with many tools that can organize the development process, enabling computer programmers to develop software quickly and comfortably, and the efficient development process a type of software that contains all the tools that contribute to its use.

Today I’m going to tell you how we can create a project for django with pycharm. Let’s get started.

For those who haven't downloaded the pycharm, you can select the version that is right for you by entering the website at this address and complete the download. If you're a student, you can download and use the version that has a lot of features, more than the advantage for you.

I keep assuming you’ve set up Pycharm.

We’re starting my pycharm, saying “new project” and saying create a new project.

Pycharm django project creation

On the screen that comes up, we choose the django from the left. (This editor can start the application for a very different language)

From the right side, we can choose which virtual environment we want to use for our django project and adjust it wherever we want to build our project.

It’s so easy to start a project. So why should we use an editor to start a project. Because:

  • Automatic code completion
  • Configure project settings automatically
  • When we want to install an add-on, you can automatically download and install without writing code
  • A lot of helpful tools

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