My book e is online – blog development with Django 3.0

Wherever I start I don’t know, I’m so excited. Over about 3-4 months I finished the book where I worked. During my time working, In the time I spend on myself in the evenings and weekends, I was able to finish the book. Writing about what I’ve been through in this process I wanted to, let’s get started.

Actually, i’m thinking about it He had no idea of making such a book. I’ve learned and the visitors who came to the site by writing my experiences here So I was briefing you. And to remember what I’ve learned I was keeping short notes.

Fatih GÜVEN, whom I met on the Internet and was close friends, told me about the method he had applied himself. (he writes solid code, he has good projects. You can follow it on the Github page). He said he created a source for the programming languages he had just learned and wrote in detail. In the future, the source he created said that he could use the file himself and count additional revenue by putting it up for sale.

That idea sounded very good. So I compiled the notes I bought and i wanted to create a source by adding the information I got on it. Both for myself and in the future, to share this resource and provide myself with additional income. My friend’s got a big part in this. I got that idea from him. Other than that, we exchanged ideas on a lot of issues, his knowledge of programming is very good.

From work to home Compiled notes after arriving, pdf i downloaded before i’ve reviewed the files, searched the sites, and The book’s out.

He’s been in people who supported me when I’m making this book, people who have been heavily criticised. I went on without paying attention to anyone, and I was able to bring a product like this.

I couldn’t go beyond paint when it came to graphics, so a friend of mine took care of the cover. Muslüm KAZDAL. He’s very talented and resourceful. You can already see your graphic ability from the cover design. For other work, you can check out the Instagram page. Other than that, he makes a tea, he does it! 🙂 It shows that the tea grew in its hometown. There were days when we sat together and finished tea pots and tea. Condolences. I loved the cover he made for the book. It made me finish quickly 🙂

After finishing the book, it was time to publish. First of all, I wanted to publish it in the google play books section. That’s what I did, but after I published a book, I got caught up in the account review. That takes an average week. If there’s no problem with your account or the e book you’ve shared (copy content, etc.), your book will be published. If you have such intentions, you can publish your book by as a member of google play books at this address.

stacked books with a tablet on top

While Google play was waiting for an account review on the books, I saw that I could also sell through Amazon. I found it while I was researching where else I could sell outside of Google. I immediately opened an amazon account and started the necessary process. I uploaded my e-continent to the site for the e book reading device (kindle) that Amazon has made. There was no long wait on Amazon like Google, the next day my book was put on the air and it was ready for sale.

Amazon has a disadvantage, used in countries outside Turkey Be. Here you publish a book from Turkey to this book you can’t access it. You can actually access it, you can buy however, since the site is suitable for English and infrastructure, I don’t think it’s going to be popular. Still, i’m going to have to do my book there. I’ve got it on the air. If you want to publish books on Amazon amazon kindle direct can take the necessary action and you can put your e book for sale there.

Apart from that, I came across an Apple Book and a lot of large and small websites. I saw that a computer installed on macOs is needed to sell books on Apple and the software needed for e-books on this computer. My inner circle knows, I don’t like any apple products. Yes, very nice, very reliable, very useful, the ecosystem is great but very limited. He’s squeezing you in certain snows. I didn’t want to publish the book on Apple because he wanted a lot of detail for the e-book. The reason I don’t want to publish it on other sites is because a lot of them are used abroad and have no service in our country. Since the habit of reading books in our country is not very high, such websites are not very popular in our country. No one is interested with the site for if you have such a site and also after a certain period of time there has not been enough interest.

A product that emerges someone to take advantage of it to do something. It’s a very nice feeling to help. After that, i’m going to And I want to keep publishing. You have content in this way you can publish e-books through the links I give by producing and you can experience the feeling to the fullest.

Finally, you can click here to address the book’s google play books. You can click here for Amazon.

I’d like to write about how to follow the broadcast process, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time.

Cover picture of my Django book

Before we went to the army. I’m so happy to finish this book. Before we went to the army. If I hadn’t finished, i’d like to see a lot of them in the military. I’d have forgotten the information and lost that first thrill. But now I can go with peace of mind 🙂

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