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The new military system and everything to do on the way to the military

Everyone knows that every Turkish teenager who has reached the age of 20 is obliged to serve as a military officer. yes, that’s it. If you’re studying at a university, that time can take up a little bit. With the new law, it has now been made permanent in paid military service and the possibility of going to the military as a rank for university graduates of 2 to 4 years has been brought. Let’s look at what happened together.

Everyone who is close to military service is engaged in a number of quests related to military service on the Internet, and I am one of them. I’m going to try to help by learning all the up-to-date information I’ve found and sharing everything I’ve learned on my blog.

Let me tell you about myself first. I graduated from the department of internet and networking technologies for two years, then enrolled through the open education faculty to complete my undergraduate education. I’m still studying now. Meanwhile, I broke the lock down for military service and went to the branch for military service. I will continue my training at the same time while performing my military service. Now I want to share with you what processes I’ve gone through in the process and what kind of path I’ve been following.

First of all, let’s talk about the new military system. In the new military system, the military service, which is now mandatory for 12 months, has been reduced to 6 months. The men and privates who want to, in accordance with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, will be able to continue their military service for another 6 months. The second six months will be paid not to be below the minimum wage. If you are a graduate of associate or degree, you will be able to serve as a rank. If you are a graduate of associate degree, you will go to the military as a reserve officer candidate, as a graduate of the reserve officer. You will be able to perform your military service with the ranks given in accordance with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, if there is no need, you will perform the military service as a private.

The general directorate of recruitment has the following explanations on its website and the path to follow has been specified.

The new military system and the need to do so are on the defined website. Let’s see what kind of path I’ve followed.

In mid-December, I went to the military branch to disrupt solitary confinement. They gave me an A4 explaining the actions that needed to be done. As follows:

They shared an informative page on how to poll through the state. This page shared how even individuals who have no e-government passwords should follow.

After receiving this paper, I performed the necessary procedures through the e-government. That’s the address. If you have an e government password, you can handle the necessary actions at this address. If you do not have an e government password, you can obtain it from the nearest PTT branch.

In this section, we log in via e government and fill out the necessary information, requesting an up-to-date picture taken within at least 6 months after filling it. This is supposed to be on your computer, then you install it on the system via e government.

After completing the registration here, you need to go to the family physician and have a medical examination. If you don’t have a family physician, it’s written that you can define it through e pulse. I had a family physician, and he had a medical center next to the military branch. After i took care of the necessary procedures, I went to the health center and completed the examination procedures. After the examination process was over, they determined that you would not have to go back to the military branch, but I went back to the military branch because it was close. I said I’m doing the necessary thing. The employees there did the necessary procedures and gave them two information forms. These papers with my personal information contained information that there were no problems to go to the military, and the other paper contained the preferences I made. From the preferences, I was able to go as a reserve petty officer because I was a graduate of associate degree, and if not, I would go as a normal private.

And the next part just needs time. If you prefer a different subpoena period, you can go to the military branch and find out the necessary information when that subpoena period comes. Or e through the state. If you have not made a different subpoena term preference and you have stated that you want to go during the subpoena period after you have disrupted solitary confinement, you need to be ready to go to the military in the next subpoenas period.

The information given to me by the military branch was that on January 24, 2020, it would be clear where and under what status I would go. Now I’m waiting for this date.

I’ve tried to explain what I’ve done for military service and the new military system. I’ll tell you what kind of situation we’re going to face in the military in the next part.

What to take on the military? What will be given to us in the military?

When you write an inquiry into this on the Internet, it’s possible to come to a lot of conclusions. Everyone says something different. General weight on hygiene. Most sites are written on hygiene that may be in trouble there.

They say everything we need there will be given. That’s why when you get advice from someone who’s served around you, you’ve usually heard things like ‘don’t take something with you’, ‘no need, everything is given there’, ‘don’t weigh next to you’. Or if you ask, you’ll hear 🙂 I’ve heard a lot.

What’s in the army?

  • Parka (1 pc)
  • Dress – Epaulette-free (1 pc)
  • Shirt – Epaulette -1 pct)
  • Summer and winter hat (1 pc)
  • Tracksuit (1 pc)
  • Pyjamas set (1 pc)
  • Winter or summer boat (1 pcs)
  • Sneakers (1 pcs)
  • Slippers (1 pcs)
  • Winter or summer socks (2 pcs)
  • Sports socks (1 pcs)
  • Don (2 pcs)
  • Wool interior (1 pcs)
  • Fanila (2 pcs)
  • Athlete (1 pc)
  • Gloves (1 pcs)
  • Palaska (1 pc)
  • Bag (1 pc)
  • Sports shorts (1 pcs)
  • Bath shorts (1 pcs)
  • Bath towel (1 pc)
  • Face towel (1 pc)
  • Toothpaste (1 pcs)
  • Toothbrush (1 pcs)
  • Shampoo (200 ml per month.)
  • Shaving Foam (a monthly tube)
  • Permatik (4 pcs per month)
  • Earplugs (1 pcs)
  • Nephtha (1 pc)
  • Imprint plate (2 pcs)
  • Imprint chain (1 pcs)

That’s how they’re going to be drafted. They will be limited to 1 pc. I told you that hygiene is one of the things that might be a problem there, so that’s what I’ve been studying and the information I’ve been getting around. So if you take extra athletes and underwear with you, you can change and use it at the end of the brisk days.

When I started writing this article, the places were not yet clear. I was able to complete the article today (31.01.2020) because I was disturbed.

I wrote on January 24th that the floor would be clear. I’ll surrender to my private unit in April. I’m going to go to transport, staff school and training center command izmir/gaziemir.

You can enter e state and question as a reserve petty officer, reserve officer and private. On the screen where you are questioning, you will see two phrases in the form ‘document-taking’ ‘end of taking documents’. These are the time to surrender to the union. You have to surrender to the union between these dates, or you will appear as a deserter. So pay attention to these dates.

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