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Nasrettin teacher stories for English practice

Hello everyone. We started a nice series for English practice, you can see them under the English category. I watched the video of a teacher i watched fondly on Youtube and i liked the subject narration very much. He reads stories in English, just like I did. Let’s look at this video together.

English is not a language to learn through books. Only grammar can be learned through books, so the sound, form, sentence structure and rules of the language can be learned. Yes, that’s necessary. And we see them often during a long period of education. What we’re missing is not to use them and not practice them.

Learn English easily
Learn English easily

To overcome this, we need to know their reading well and practice all the time. It’s a good solution to watch videos in English all the time. That’s why I started a series i wrote with the lyrics of English songs. You can look at all the content I’ve written about English through this category.

By sharing all the methods I use to improve my English and the content I find, I want everyone who wants to improve on this. Our teacher, who is the subject of this article, is in the same way. So instead of giving money to courses and private lessons in a world, he’s trying to show how we can easily learn English at home.

Learn English. Learn English
Learn English. Learn English

I follow it with love and like. He doesn’t speak in a way that’s customary about English. It has a narrative that offers its audience english elements that people of all levels will understand and use in everyday life. So if you follow this channel, I can guarantee that you can learn a lot : )

English Nasrettin teacher stories
English Nasrettin teacher stories

In this video prepared by our teacher, Nasrettin told three stories of the teacher.

The video is here:

In addition to this video, a very nice resource sharing was also made. You can reach that source at: I hope the sequel to this storytelling series comes and it’ll be a very nice source to practice. With thick health

You can click on the links to youtube channel and instagram.

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