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How to install Linux mint 20 ?

Hello everyone, I’ve completed my patriotic duty. I’m back at home, i’m going to start all over again. That’s why I started my computer. Before I went to the military, I was using Linux mint 19, downloaded and installed the new version. I wanted to share it in a picture of how I set up. Let’s get started.

I don’t use a cdroom on my laptop, so I’m going to install linux mint with 20 booted USB memory. You can use the following address to download Linux mint 20 (I’m using the version that is cinnamon desktop, you can choose a desktop version that you want. It will not be a problem in terms of installation. The only difference will be different from the desktop.). If you don’t know how to prepare usb boot memory, you can read this article I’ve already written.

Now that we have downloaded linux mint 20 and prepared bootable USB memory, we can go to the setup.

We need to set the beginning of the computer to start on the USB stick. For this, the key is defined in some bios systems. The boot menu can be opened using the defined key without having to enter the bios and change the opening. If you have such a feature on the biosta on your computer, you must have a phrase such as “press f11 for boot menu” in the lower right or left part of the computer opening. You can access the boot menu and select usb memory for opening by pressing the button that says there. If such a feature does not exist or does not appear on the screen, we need to go to the bios screen and select the USB memory connected to your computer in the first row from the boot menu. After you perform this operation, register and restart the computer. Thus, when your marble opens, it will be opened via usb memory and it will be directly worked because it is linux mint 20 that we have created in a USB memory..

When the computer is turned on, the menus related to linux will meet us. Let’s log in with the “enter” button on the “start linux mint” option and wait for the system to open.

Like many linux distributions, linux mint also has a “live” feature. So you can boot and test it directly without installing this operating system. In this case, the operating system is working on memory because you will not record any changes you make to the system.

Linux Mint 20 will have welcomed us when our computer is turned on. In this section, we can test our computer without installing the operating system. It’s no different than an operating system that’s normally installed. The only transactions you make make a difference will not be recorded. Because this system is currently running through memory.

Three connections on the table will have met us. Based on Windows, classic, my computer, and documents icons. From here, we can access files on the harddisk on our computer. Another means that if there is a program in the operating system that we use on our computer and the operating system does not open, we can comfortably access our files on our computer thanks to linux live.

Let’s double-click the “Install linux mint” icon and start installation.

Linux mint 20 language selection screen

First, we’ll see a language selection screen. Here, let’s find the language you want and click on the “continue” button.

Linux mint 20 keyboard layout display

We are prompted to select a keyboard layout on the next screen. Here, let’s select the keyboard layout you want and press the “continue” button.

After selecting the keyboard layout, we can test and verify the accuracy of the keyboard layout we selected in the space at the bottom.

On the next screen, he wants to know if we want to connect to a wireless network. If you have a wifi network, I recommend connecting, this wifi connection will help us on the next screen.

Linux mint codec download screen

The next screen gives us an option so that we can automatically download the codees needed for video and audio files on our computer. If you make wifi connection on the previous screen, download these codees during installation and perform the necessary operations automatically, if you do not have wifi connection, check this option is not a problem, the first internet connection will still download the necessary codeand install it itself.

Linux mint 20 Harddisk operations

On the next screen, linux mint analyzes harddrives on our computer, provides information about the installed operating systems and asks how we should move forward. I use two operating systems on my computer, one is windows and the other is linux.

The first option is to delete Linux mint 19 and install linux mint 20. The second option states that we can delete the disc completely and only install linux mint 20. Then the option is to split the disc into pieces as we want, giving us options to set it up in the space we want.

I want to partition hardiski myself by selecting the third option here.

The next screen shows the areas on the disk. Here it clearly writes the name of the previously installed operating system. It says how much space it takes on the hard drive and how much empty it is.

We click on this area, press the “-” button at the bottom and delete this area. After deleting it, we click on the same area and press the “+” button this time and reach the screen where we will make the necessary adjustments for system installation.

I’d like to add a small note, I delete the operating system that exists here and i’m setting up a new version. If you just bought your computer or are going to install on a zero harddrive, there will be only one space on this page. The rest of the operations will be the same. There’s no difference.

Linux mint 20 section adjustment screen

The next screen comes on the harddisk screen creating partitions for this operating system. We see how much space the section we will create on this screen will have and the options that define a few features of this area.

What is the primary section? The partition with the operating system on it is called the primary partition. 4 primary partitions can be installed on the disk. That means we can install 4 linux-based operating systems on a single disk. We choose the section type as “primary” because we want to build our operating system in this area where we will create it.

What is the logical part? the name given to other partitions created outside the logical partition operating system.

We choose the beginning as a section location. He wants us to select a file type in how to use it. We select the latest version of the Ext file type used on Linux, the version of Ext4.

We select the “/” symbol in the binding point section. This symbol represents the root folder on linux. After we make this choice, click on the “arrow” button and continue.

If you encounter an error in formatting after this section, right-click and change the area where we’re doing the operation, and then mark format this section. Then continue processing.

After the process is over, let’s press the “install now” button and start installation.

He shows the changes we made on the next screen and wants us to approve it. On this screen, let’s do the final checks and press the “go ahead” button and move on. We’re going to have to wait a while from now on. Let’s break the necessary files hardiske and perform operating system setup.

He wants to know where we’re in the next screen. We’re marking and moving on.

On the next screen, he wants us to enter the information necessary to create a user on our computer. We’re going in and on with this information.

We have completed the installation successfully. The operating system was installed on our computer. The required files have been transferred to our hard drive. Finally, with the operating system that has been restarted and installed our computer, we can turn on our computer, or we can continue to use it over memory without restarting the computer. Here we are restarting our computer and enjoying the Linux mint operating system 🙂


My book e is online – blog development with Django 3.0

Wherever I start I don’t know, I’m so excited. Over about 3-4 months I finished the book where I worked. During my time working, In the time I spend on myself in the evenings and weekends, I was able to finish the book. Writing about what I’ve been through in this process I wanted to, let’s get started.

Actually, i’m thinking about it He had no idea of making such a book. I’ve learned and the visitors who came to the site by writing my experiences here So I was briefing you. And to remember what I’ve learned I was keeping short notes.

Fatih GÜVEN, whom I met on the Internet and was close friends, told me about the method he had applied himself. (he writes solid code, he has good projects. You can follow it on the Github page). He said he created a source for the programming languages he had just learned and wrote in detail. In the future, the source he created said that he could use the file himself and count additional revenue by putting it up for sale.

That idea sounded very good. So I compiled the notes I bought and i wanted to create a source by adding the information I got on it. Both for myself and in the future, to share this resource and provide myself with additional income. My friend’s got a big part in this. I got that idea from him. Other than that, we exchanged ideas on a lot of issues, his knowledge of programming is very good.

From work to home Compiled notes after arriving, pdf i downloaded before i’ve reviewed the files, searched the sites, and The book’s out.

He’s been in people who supported me when I’m making this book, people who have been heavily criticised. I went on without paying attention to anyone, and I was able to bring a product like this.

I couldn’t go beyond paint when it came to graphics, so a friend of mine took care of the cover. Muslüm KAZDAL. He’s very talented and resourceful. You can already see your graphic ability from the cover design. For other work, you can check out the Instagram page. Other than that, he makes a tea, he does it! 🙂 It shows that the tea grew in its hometown. There were days when we sat together and finished tea pots and tea. Condolences. I loved the cover he made for the book. It made me finish quickly 🙂

After finishing the book, it was time to publish. First of all, I wanted to publish it in the google play books section. That’s what I did, but after I published a book, I got caught up in the account review. That takes an average week. If there’s no problem with your account or the e book you’ve shared (copy content, etc.), your book will be published. If you have such intentions, you can publish your book by as a member of google play books at this address.

stacked books with a tablet on top

While Google play was waiting for an account review on the books, I saw that I could also sell through Amazon. I found it while I was researching where else I could sell outside of Google. I immediately opened an amazon account and started the necessary process. I uploaded my e-continent to the site for the e book reading device (kindle) that Amazon has made. There was no long wait on Amazon like Google, the next day my book was put on the air and it was ready for sale.

Amazon has a disadvantage, used in countries outside Turkey Be. Here you publish a book from Turkey to this book you can’t access it. You can actually access it, you can buy however, since the site is suitable for English and infrastructure, I don’t think it’s going to be popular. Still, i’m going to have to do my book there. I’ve got it on the air. If you want to publish books on Amazon amazon kindle direct can take the necessary action and you can put your e book for sale there.

Apart from that, I came across an Apple Book and a lot of large and small websites. I saw that a computer installed on macOs is needed to sell books on Apple and the software needed for e-books on this computer. My inner circle knows, I don’t like any apple products. Yes, very nice, very reliable, very useful, the ecosystem is great but very limited. He’s squeezing you in certain snows. I didn’t want to publish the book on Apple because he wanted a lot of detail for the e-book. The reason I don’t want to publish it on other sites is because a lot of them are used abroad and have no service in our country. Since the habit of reading books in our country is not very high, such websites are not very popular in our country. No one is interested with the site for if you have such a site and also after a certain period of time there has not been enough interest.

A product that emerges someone to take advantage of it to do something. It’s a very nice feeling to help. After that, i’m going to And I want to keep publishing. You have content in this way you can publish e-books through the links I give by producing and you can experience the feeling to the fullest.

Finally, you can click here to address the book’s google play books. You can click here for Amazon.

I’d like to write about how to follow the broadcast process, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time.

Cover picture of my Django book

Before we went to the army. I’m so happy to finish this book. Before we went to the army. If I hadn’t finished, i’d like to see a lot of them in the military. I’d have forgotten the information and lost that first thrill. But now I can go with peace of mind 🙂

Dawn 8, izmir/gaziemir 🙂

What is a host? how to get the hosting service ? all information for beginners

In my previous article, i’m going to have to I told you that every item in the virtual environment was a real or even equivalent. I tried to explain it with this description for the domain name subject. Now I’m going to try to explain something similar with this description. Let’s see what’s called hosting. Let’s get started.

Domain, i.e. domain name, is another essential concept hosting, i.e. where web files are hosted.

Why are these two concepts such an important and inseparable duo? Because you want to create a website, you first need a name. This is called domain. You can find my article on this here. To publish a site through this domain after receiving a domain name you want, you need a computer that will host your website’s files 24/7, accessible from anywhere in the world, and fast internet connectivity.


What’s a host?

What can be done with the host?

How many hostesses are there?

Get the host with windows server operating system ?

Linux server has an operating system to get the host ?

Host services required for special needs

How do I get the Hosting service?

How to manage a host?

What’s a host?

Let’s explain it with a real-life example. You need to build a house to live and shelter somewhere. To be able to build this house, you must first buy a plot, you can start building a house after you buy this land. In order to own a site on the Internet, you must have a computer that first runs 24/7, has a high-speed internet infrastructure, which includes programs specifically written for this job. This computer will be your search on the internet. After you rent this computer, you can send everything you want to publish into it.

What’s a host?

This is called a host computer on computers that can work 24/7, containing all the content you send. Through the companies doing this job, you rent a certain area through a computer, and this rental area is constantly working to accommodate any content you want.

Once you’ve learned this information, you might think something like this, can’t I turn the computer I use in my house into a host computer to publish my website?

Answer: No.

Because these computers are built on working seamlessly with special equipment. And thanks to the special software on it, they provide this service.

Classic computers you use in your home are not designed to work continuously. The computers used for the host are hosted by continuous maintenance in places called datacenter, where there is a high-speed internet infrastructure.

What can be done with the host?

A lot can be done. The overall purpose of use is to publish a website. You can host the files required for the web site. In addition, as I said in my article for domain, you can set up a custom e-mail server after connecting a domain name with the host you received. This allows you to have an e-mail address with your own name.

You can also use your files as a store where you can store them.

In short, you can also do the file transactions you make on your own computer with the host you rented.

How many hostesses are there?

A computer called Host has an operating system on it, just like on personal computers. These host computers are working with operating systems specifically designed for this business.

How many hostesses are there?

There are two types of operating systems for this job. The first is windows server, the second is linux server.

The two operating systems have their own pros and cons. You must select one of two operating systems based on the purpose of using the processing you want to do.

Get the host with windows server operating system ?

Windows operating systems are built with a commercially purposestructure in a closed ecosystem. There are software designed to work on the Windows operating system. If you want to create content with these software, you should hire a host with a windows server operating system that will run these software.

Windows server

What is these softwares,, mssql, net core. In short, if you want to create content with a technology that windows has developed itself, you should hire a host bigisayar using the windows server operating system.

This will work more stable and more efficiently. You can also use this system with software written for Linux server, but it does not work stablely and can cause problems. That’s why you need to choose a system based on the technology you’re going to use.

Linux server has an operating system to get the host ?

Most websites located around the world are hosted on linux server. The biggest reason for this is that the open source code is written and shared with the structure. So if you want to use such a service, you do not have to pay any license fees. So a lot of websites are built on linux infrastructure.

Another reason is that wordpress, the most widely used content management system worldwide, is open source and can be used at no cost. WordPresssin written with Php is more convenient to work on linux.

Linux server

Open source software works more stable on the computer installed on linux server, which is on computers with windows server operating system. The best example of this is php. If you are developing php-based software it would be in your best interest to use linux.

Host services required for special needs

If you have a site that receives a lot of visitors or want to host the web services of a large company, computers that provide a standard host service won’t do your job.

Custom packages are prepared for this job that require more hardware (ram, ssd, continuous backup) more e-mail quotas. You can host your site files on the web or do anything you want by selecting a package that suits you.

How do I get the Hosting service?

After a brief google search, you’ll find that there are a lot of companies doing this. The main thing you need to determine before you get this service is what do you get for? What will you take? How much space does it take for your work? After you answer these questions, you can rent a hosting and start working with a company you trust.

Windows host packages
Linux host packages

How to manage a host?

You’ve identified your needs, you’ve found a reliable company, you’ve purchased a host service. How are you going to manage the host computer you bought in the next part?

Host computers, as I said before, are not a computer where a standard user can make visual edits using a mouse and keyboard. You can use only a specific area on one computer and the part that is allocated according to the package you receive from the hardware on this computer. This is allocated a panel to manage the part allocated to you. You can manage the host computer through this panel.

What can be done?

Through the Host management panel, you can open an FTP account, add and delete a database, manage DNS, access files on the host computer, create new e-mail addresses, and check existing email addresses. These are only what I can write for standard use. Apart from these, it can be done in many fine-tuning.

Web host management

There are two most used management panels.

cPanel: It is a management panel that only works on linux systems and has Turkish language support. You can find more detailed information by visiting the website here.

Plesk: Parallels is a control panel that can work on both Windows and Linux operating systems. You can find more detailed information by visiting the website here.

You must pay a usage fee within these two panels, but when you receive a hosting service, these panels automatically come to the board and the company where you receive the host’s service pays for you. It reflects this fee to you at package prices.

We have reached the end of my article about hosting, which is one of the basic structures for websites. You are wondering about the domain name, name, domain, you can reach this address.

In the next article, we will see how to set up wordpress after receiving the domain name and hosting service. Hope to see you in the next article

What is Domain? how to get domain ? all about domain for beginners

Each item, every content, every application in a virtual environment has a real-life equivalent. So all the real-life affirmations have been transferred to the virtual environment and a proper naming has been made. Today we’re going to examine the domain, which is the equivalent of the naming method we use in real life in the virtual realm. Let’s get started.


What is Domain?

How does Domain work?

What is the importance of domain?

Where can I get the domain name?

How many different domain types are there?

What is Domain?

The Domain address is your website’s name on the internet. When you want to have a website over the Internet, you’ll need to rent a hosting and host your site files here. In this hosting process, then users must access these files and enter the hosting address in their web browsers to access them and access their content. Ip (internet protocol) is used as a hosting address. For each site you visit, you must enter a 4-block ip address group.

Request to the web site

Sample ip address: ip address

When you consider the websites you visit during the day, it is not very troublesome and useful to keep such an address in your heart and log in this way for each site. That’s why a system called domain has been developed.

How does Domain work?

When you want to go to a site, you type the domain name through your web browser. This domain name is queried through DNS (domain name server) systems and detects the host computer to which the domain address you typed is connected. After this detection, it connects you to this hosting computer. This connection takes place in milliseconds in the background. After connecting to the hosting computer, it returns you an html page with the web server programs contained in it. That’s how you get to a website.

How does Domain work?

If it wasn’t for this domain system;

for Google:

for Facebook:

for gmail:

For sites like that, we would have to write ip addresses in a web browser and visit them that way.

What is the importance of domain?

I told you that every single content that’s on the Internet has a real-life equivalent. Imagine you have a business. In real life, you have the necessary registrations and set a name and have a place of work with that name. No one else can use that name but you. To use this name on the Internet, you must register the domain name. When you register the domain name, no one else can use it but you. You have a name allocated to you. It’s like registering names in real life.

So if you have a company or business, you can register and start using that name in the virtual world. If you don’t hurry up, someone else can take that name for you. If you encounter such a situation, you will have to wait for this name to be wasted, and if it does not go to waste, you can talk to the person who registered this name and transfer it to yourself. In such a case, you may have to take the name by paying multiple times more than the person who purchased the name.

Actually, you don’t buy the domain name here. He’s only on loan for a certain period of time. This period is rented for a minimum year maximum of 5-10 years. Although this rental period varies from site to site, rentals can be carried out for an average of five years. This gives you the right to use the name you received for the duration of your choice. When this time is over, the name you get is in vain, and a different person can re-register it.

Another important thing is that it’s a very nice way to use it when you want to have your workplace name or your own email address. For example, you can have your own e-mail address with your own name, such as hotmail or gmail, for the mail service. I can open an e-mail with my own domain address, which is my domain address, because I connect this domain name, which I have taken with my own name, with hosting. So I created an e-mail address, If you want, you can have such an email address after you have contacted the hosting by taking a domain. This creates an institutional image for your business. If you want to use it for yourself and not for the workplace, you can use the domain you receive to have your own own e-mail address.

Where can I get the domain name?

Domain registration process; It is carried out by domain registrars authorized by ICANN (the most authorized institution with domain regulation and supervision authority). You can reach many companies that can record domains with a short search on the Internet. You can agree with any company you want and rent the domain name.

How many different domain types are there?

There are two different types of domains, the first of which is domains that end with .com .org .net, which everyone knows closely.

The second is local domains. They contain country codes. For our country, domain names like, namely domain names that are finally .tr, are domain names allocated for our country.

There are certain procedures and required documentation to retrieve the domain names with the end .tr extension. After you have allocated these documents, you can receive the domain name with the extension .tr. The documents required for the .tr extension can be found at this address.

Documents required for field names with the extension .tr

In our country, middle east technical university (METU) has managed the allocation and operations of domain names with the extension “.tr” with the Nic.TR system created by its own staff with the international authority it received from IANA/ICANN in 1990. I say he has managed it because with the contract he signed on December 21, 2018, he has transferred the authority of the Registration Authority of “.tr” to the Information Technology and Communication Authority (BTK). The necessary information can be found at this address.

The new military system and everything to do on the way to the military

Everyone knows that every Turkish teenager who has reached the age of 20 is obliged to serve as a military officer. yes, that’s it. If you’re studying at a university, that time can take up a little bit. With the new law, it has now been made permanent in paid military service and the possibility of going to the military as a rank for university graduates of 2 to 4 years has been brought. Let’s look at what happened together.

Everyone who is close to military service is engaged in a number of quests related to military service on the Internet, and I am one of them. I’m going to try to help by learning all the up-to-date information I’ve found and sharing everything I’ve learned on my blog.

Let me tell you about myself first. I graduated from the department of internet and networking technologies for two years, then enrolled through the open education faculty to complete my undergraduate education. I’m still studying now. Meanwhile, I broke the lock down for military service and went to the branch for military service. I will continue my training at the same time while performing my military service. Now I want to share with you what processes I’ve gone through in the process and what kind of path I’ve been following.

First of all, let’s talk about the new military system. In the new military system, the military service, which is now mandatory for 12 months, has been reduced to 6 months. The men and privates who want to, in accordance with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, will be able to continue their military service for another 6 months. The second six months will be paid not to be below the minimum wage. If you are a graduate of associate or degree, you will be able to serve as a rank. If you are a graduate of associate degree, you will go to the military as a reserve officer candidate, as a graduate of the reserve officer. You will be able to perform your military service with the ranks given in accordance with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, if there is no need, you will perform the military service as a private.

The general directorate of recruitment has the following explanations on its website and the path to follow has been specified.

The new military system and the need to do so are on the defined website. Let’s see what kind of path I’ve followed.

In mid-December, I went to the military branch to disrupt solitary confinement. They gave me an A4 explaining the actions that needed to be done. As follows:

They shared an informative page on how to poll through the state. This page shared how even individuals who have no e-government passwords should follow.

After receiving this paper, I performed the necessary procedures through the e-government. That’s the address. If you have an e government password, you can handle the necessary actions at this address. If you do not have an e government password, you can obtain it from the nearest PTT branch.

In this section, we log in via e government and fill out the necessary information, requesting an up-to-date picture taken within at least 6 months after filling it. This is supposed to be on your computer, then you install it on the system via e government.

After completing the registration here, you need to go to the family physician and have a medical examination. If you don’t have a family physician, it’s written that you can define it through e pulse. I had a family physician, and he had a medical center next to the military branch. After i took care of the necessary procedures, I went to the health center and completed the examination procedures. After the examination process was over, they determined that you would not have to go back to the military branch, but I went back to the military branch because it was close. I said I’m doing the necessary thing. The employees there did the necessary procedures and gave them two information forms. These papers with my personal information contained information that there were no problems to go to the military, and the other paper contained the preferences I made. From the preferences, I was able to go as a reserve petty officer because I was a graduate of associate degree, and if not, I would go as a normal private.

And the next part just needs time. If you prefer a different subpoena period, you can go to the military branch and find out the necessary information when that subpoena period comes. Or e through the state. If you have not made a different subpoena term preference and you have stated that you want to go during the subpoena period after you have disrupted solitary confinement, you need to be ready to go to the military in the next subpoenas period.

The information given to me by the military branch was that on January 24, 2020, it would be clear where and under what status I would go. Now I’m waiting for this date.

I’ve tried to explain what I’ve done for military service and the new military system. I’ll tell you what kind of situation we’re going to face in the military in the next part.

What to take on the military? What will be given to us in the military?

When you write an inquiry into this on the Internet, it’s possible to come to a lot of conclusions. Everyone says something different. General weight on hygiene. Most sites are written on hygiene that may be in trouble there.

They say everything we need there will be given. That’s why when you get advice from someone who’s served around you, you’ve usually heard things like ‘don’t take something with you’, ‘no need, everything is given there’, ‘don’t weigh next to you’. Or if you ask, you’ll hear 🙂 I’ve heard a lot.

What’s in the army?

  • Parka (1 pc)
  • Dress – Epaulette-free (1 pc)
  • Shirt – Epaulette -1 pct)
  • Summer and winter hat (1 pc)
  • Tracksuit (1 pc)
  • Pyjamas set (1 pc)
  • Winter or summer boat (1 pcs)
  • Sneakers (1 pcs)
  • Slippers (1 pcs)
  • Winter or summer socks (2 pcs)
  • Sports socks (1 pcs)
  • Don (2 pcs)
  • Wool interior (1 pcs)
  • Fanila (2 pcs)
  • Athlete (1 pc)
  • Gloves (1 pcs)
  • Palaska (1 pc)
  • Bag (1 pc)
  • Sports shorts (1 pcs)
  • Bath shorts (1 pcs)
  • Bath towel (1 pc)
  • Face towel (1 pc)
  • Toothpaste (1 pcs)
  • Toothbrush (1 pcs)
  • Shampoo (200 ml per month.)
  • Shaving Foam (a monthly tube)
  • Permatik (4 pcs per month)
  • Earplugs (1 pcs)
  • Nephtha (1 pc)
  • Imprint plate (2 pcs)
  • Imprint chain (1 pcs)

That’s how they’re going to be drafted. They will be limited to 1 pc. I told you that hygiene is one of the things that might be a problem there, so that’s what I’ve been studying and the information I’ve been getting around. So if you take extra athletes and underwear with you, you can change and use it at the end of the brisk days.

When I started writing this article, the places were not yet clear. I was able to complete the article today (31.01.2020) because I was disturbed.

I wrote on January 24th that the floor would be clear. I’ll surrender to my private unit in April. I’m going to go to transport, staff school and training center command izmir/gaziemir.

You can enter e state and question as a reserve petty officer, reserve officer and private. On the screen where you are questioning, you will see two phrases in the form ‘document-taking’ ‘end of taking documents’. These are the time to surrender to the union. You have to surrender to the union between these dates, or you will appear as a deserter. So pay attention to these dates.

What is WordPress shortcode, how to use shortcode ?

Hello everyone, you know that wordpress is a personal publishing system licensed in GPL, written using php and mysql. Ready blog script. It actually allows you to make a very different website not only for the blog. I want to tell you a beautiful feature of wordpress today and reinforce the subject with a few examples. Let’s get started.

What is WordPress shortcode ?

It is a system that allows us to call php functions that we write to fonction.php in WordPress, with the short codes we define where we want it. For example, google adsense will type and create ads you publish on your site with a short code that you will create, and you can call the ad on any page or anywhere on your website to make it appear where it was made. you can.

It’s hard to understand in writing, let’s look at some codes.

How to create WordPress shortcode ?

We used google adsense as an example, so let’s continue with the google adsense example.

First, open the functions.php file of your theme.

You can do this from the 'View --> theme editor' section under the wordpress management panel, or you can also edit by connecting to the server with ftp and downloading the file.

After you open functions.php, type the following code at the bottom of the page:

function google_adsense_yazi_ici_link_reklamlari() {
return '<script async="" src=""></script>
<!-- Site içi link reklamları -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle" class="adsbygoogle"></ins class="adsbygoogle">
     (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []). push({});
'; }

add_shortcode ('adsense_link', 'google_adsense_yazi_ici_link_reklamlari');
Create a WordPress shortcode

Let’s explain this code. First of all, we started with function and identified a function called google_adsense_yazi_ici_link_reklamlari(). I gave that name because I just want to run link ads. You can duplicate and use it with a name you want as much as you want. Among the fancy brackets, we wrote the code for these link ads that I created with Google Adsense.

Before I forget, google adsense codes written in this section belong to me, so you need to replace them with your own codes.

Then we started with add_shortcode and wrote adsense_link and google_adsense_yazi_ici_link_reklamlari writings between parentheses with quotation marks. The first adsense_link we wrote will be our shortcode name, and the second is the name we define for the adsense code. I mean, the function name.

Now create a post or point to the widget insertion screen and switch to the html section. As Shortcode you will write thi s where you type google adsense link ads will appear.

Did this sample come a little complicated? Then let’s make an easy example.

I get the same structure, remove the google adsense code in between and write ‘Hello World’. Now I’ll define this po[merhaba]st as shortcode. Now let’s call this on our page and try it.

function hello() {
return 'hello world'; }

add_shortcode ('hello', 'hello');

Now let’s write this code in the html code section and try it.

WordPress Shortcode part
WordPress Shortcode html view part

These examples can be replicated. That’s how WordPress shortcode logic works.

We define a function and use that function on a page we want with a short code.

What is yandex partner, how to sign up, earn money from your website with yandex partner

Hello everyone, website owners or anyone who wants to make money with advertising revenues over the internet has something they hear and see, google adsense. I’m one of the site owners who wants to create an income model with Google Adsense. I came across yandex’s ad service, which runs like Google Adsense, while Google was researching where else to buy ads outside of adsense. I was able to sign up and add ads to my site. Let’s look at this process together.

First of all, let’s talk about what a yandex partner is. A Yandex partner is a system that allows users with an app (google play or apple store) or a website to create an revenue model by displaying ads on their site, just like Google Adsense. As a leader who has held this system in google for a long time. To become a competitor to Google adsense, yandex has launched such a service. I wanted to try to see what profits i have with google adsense what they have.

I present it to you by supporting the entire process from membership to advertising with pictures. Let’s get started.

How to sign up for yandex partner?

Go to yandex partner homepage at this address. When you open this page, the language will come in Russian as predefined.

Yandex partner Russian home

You don’t have to worry. At the bottom of the page you will see the English button. You can turn the page into English by pressing this button. I would like to say that if we have come, unfortunately it is not a system with Turkish language support, but you do not have to worry again, we can do our job with translation 🙂

Meanwhile, English comes across every aspect of our lives. I share the resources i've found to improve my Knowledge of English and the methods I use in my blog. You can check all over all of them at this address if you want. 

If you download the google translation plugin using the browser you use, you can right-click the site and translate it directly into English.

Yandex partner Turkish home

After turning the site into a form we can understand, let’s press the ‘join’ button.

If you haven't opened a yandex account before, or if you have a yandex account you're using, they'll want you to log in first.  If you do not have a yandex account, you can create a yandex account from this address. If you have a yandex account, you can continue by logging in.
Yandex Partner country election screen Russian
Yandex Partner language selection screen

We encounter a screen so that we can register with the Yandex partner account. Normally, 🙂 russian again. Let’s choose English by pressing the button next to the profile on the right top. Or you can proceed using direct translation, as we did on the previous page. It depends on your preference.

Now that we’ve arranged the language the way we want, let’s move on. First, he asks us which country we’re registered from.

Yandex Partner country election screen

After selecting the country, two options are offered legal ly or individually.

Yandex Partner individual or legal entity registration
Let's clarify the individual and legal personality. The intent of the individual personality is the registration made on behalf of a person. So if you are a real person, you have to proceed with your own information if you mark it as individual here. The legal entity is the person who is a defender of many people or an asset in terms of law. Registration is made for the place defended, not for a single person in the legal entity

Once the required process is selected, you will be not greeted with a page where contact information is requested.

Yandex Partner Contact information

You need to complete this information correctly and fully. At the bottom of the page is a phrase ‘Digital copy of the residence confirmation document’. Here, he wants you to upload your personal information as a picture to verify that you are a real person. I posted here by recording my driver’s license and a picture of the screen i confirmed with my id number through the residential interrogation site.

After this information, let’s move on to the section requesting our address information.

Yandex Partner address information screen

After you type the address information correctly, let’s continue.

On the next screen, he asks for the account information to pay for advertising revenue.

Yandex partner bank information

In this section, you type the cardholder’s name as the account holder. It offers two options as a payment unit, euro and usd. You can choose what you want.

She wants something called SWIFT, what is this swift?  Swift was founded in 1973 and began working in 1977, a code of 8 or 11 digits that specifically specifies each bank.  Swift codes are standard in the entire world banking system. Used for international money shipping. When we want to receive payments in this system, yandex company will send money to a bank account in Turkey, but it will not be enough to write only the name of this bank. We also need to write down an international bank code, the swift code. 

How do I know the code for the bank with my account? For this, I found a site designed to find the addresses of the bank branches. You can find out the swift code of the bank with your account through this site. If you don’t trust this site, you can find it yourself through the relevant bank’s website by searching through google.

After you enter the required swift code, enter your IBAN or Account number and enter the name of the bank with your account at the bottom.

Once you’ve defined billing information, there’ll be a section asking you to enter the website or name of your app where the ads will run

Yandex partner website or app name

After making the necessary additions, there is one last part left for approval.

Yandex Partner confirmation screen

In this section, we cannot complete the registration without marking the terms of offer. It’s up to you to mark other options.

After completing all fields, the situation appears on the right side. If you haven’t made any mistakes, it will look like this.

Yandex partner check box

If there are any problems, it will not appear on the right side in an approved manner. Once we’ve fixed the wrong part, we complete the recording.

After the registration process is complete, the yandex partner homepage welcomes us.

Yandex Partner homepage

On this screen you will see fees and a few informational letters. If you want, you can translate the page into Turkish and see what it says.

Yandex Partner home page in english

Until this point, we have completed the registration process to the Yandex partner system. But yandex has not yet accepted our membership. When membership is accepted, you will see a warning under the ‘notifications’ menu on the left. If there are no problems, the membership process will be accepted.

Yanex partner confirmation screen

As I wrote during the registration process, I sent the driver’s license and address code for approval, and after a while I received a notification that it had been approved in the notifications section. If you do not encounter any errors, you will find that your membership has been accepted with such a notification.

How to create yandex partner advertising ?

We’ve finished the membership process to this point. In the next section, we will create an ad area and add the code we receive to our site. Let’s get started.

I assume you use the page in English. There are the Left-sideproducts. Clicking this field will open a window on the right side. Here we will define our site first.

Yandex partner ad insertion page
  • 1 – We select the part where the necessary actions are taken to create ads from the Products section.
  • 2- Content sites first we need to register the website or app we want to add content to
  • 3- We record the platform where we want to add ads by pressing the Add platform button.
Yandex partner platform insertion screen

As a website when I was registering on the site and because I wrote my own domain address, this came to me automatically here. You can use the same address here if you want, or you can add a new address by clicking on the pop-up menu. The goal here is to create a title and collect ads under this title. For example, this blog has a lot of articles under the ‘general’ category. This ‘general’ category corresponds to this area on yandex partner.

Once we’ve done the necessary process, let’s start creating ads under this heading.

You will see a link called ‘RTB blocks’ under the Content sites link. Let’s click on this and keep going.

Create aYandex partner RTB blocks ad space
  • 1 – We will create ad blocks under the site we create in this field. Clicking on this link will open an area on the right
  • 2- On this page opened, we will press the ‘add RTB block’ button to set the ad view I want.
Create a Yandex partner ad block 1

We’re going to open a window. In this field, we will write the name we just wrote in the content sites section as the platform name. Then he wants us to name a name for this block. It would make the most sense to set a name based on where we’re going to position the ad in this area. For example, ‘content’ for use in the content of the article. To use footer at the bottom of the page (footer), such as ‘page six’.

At one point, page information is told to third parties, i.e. how to share with advertisers. I haven’t made any changes here. You can change it according to yourself if you want.

Let’s continue with the ‘next’ button after we’re done in this area

Yandex partner page view selection screen

We indicate where the ad block we create in this section will be shown for. Ad sizes vary depending on the selected fields.

  • 1 – Used for desktop view.
  • 2- Used for mobile devices.
  • 3 – Used for pages specially crafted for mobile devices
  • 4- Used for pages specially crafted for desktop view.
  • 5- Used for AMP(Accelerated mobile pages).

Let’s make the necessary choice and continue with the ‘next’ button according to what we need.

Yandex partner advertising design screen

On the next page, we’ll see a screen where we can edit the ad template. In this field, we can customize the advertisement that we will publish according to the theme of our website. For example, if your website is blue tones, the ads to be posted on this site in a yellow color will not look very pleasant to users who visit your site.

Let’s continue after making the necessary arrangements.

Set Yandex partner ad sizes

On the next page, we encounter a screen where we can adjust the size of the ad block. We need to make a choice based on where we’re going to share the ad on this screen. So we can use the ad in full place and in full size.

After you complete this field, a final setting page remains.

Yandex partner ad block set final screen

There are options in this area where we can determine your advertising strategy. Choosing maximum revenue and choosing to do everything automatically can be a logical solution. You can make changes as you want in the future.

In this area, after making the necessary arrangements, our ad block is formed. Then, i’m going to have

Yandex partner created ad block

We can copy the code for this created ad block and use it anywhere on our website. Just press the Get the code button at the bottom of the page.

If this ad block creation section sounds mixed to you, you can use the simpler and easier event part by pressing the ‘Turn on simplified mode’ button on the right side of the ad block creation screen.

Simple mode of creating yandex partner ad block

Avoiding confusion by offering fewer options in simple mode:)

You can do filitreing through these ad blocks that we create. To do this, the page that opens by pressing the ‘edit’ button after the ad block is formed can block or run ads in certain categories on your site if you don’t want visitors from geographic countries to see these ads you can prevent it.

Here’s how the ad code we’re getting will appear on our site:

We became members of the Yandex dating system, created advertising, started to publish on our site. Where do we see how much revenue we earn?

When we go to the Yandex dating home page for this, it’s going to tell us how much we make. Like:

Yandex partner earnings page

I made 0.24 rubles until I started running the ads, when I wrote this article. Yes, it’s not much money because it’s just starting to run, and that figure will increase over time. It will generate an additional income

We’re at the end of the summer. I hope you can create content and provide yourself with an additional revenue model. Hope it’s useful

Nasrettin teacher stories for English practice

Hello everyone. We started a nice series for English practice, you can see them under the English category. I watched the video of a teacher i watched fondly on Youtube and i liked the subject narration very much. He reads stories in English, just like I did. Let’s look at this video together.

English is not a language to learn through books. Only grammar can be learned through books, so the sound, form, sentence structure and rules of the language can be learned. Yes, that’s necessary. And we see them often during a long period of education. What we’re missing is not to use them and not practice them.

Learn English easily

To overcome this, we need to know their reading well and practice all the time. It’s a good solution to watch videos in English all the time. That’s why I started a series i wrote with the lyrics of English songs. You can look at all the content I’ve written about English through this category.

By sharing all the methods I use to improve my English and the content I find, I want everyone who wants to improve on this. Our teacher, who is the subject of this article, is in the same way. So instead of giving money to courses and private lessons in a world, he’s trying to show how we can easily learn English at home.

Learn English. Learn English

I follow it with love and like. He doesn’t speak in a way that’s customary about English. It has a narrative that offers its audience english elements that people of all levels will understand and use in everyday life. So if you follow this channel, I can guarantee that you can learn a lot : )

English Nasrettin teacher stories

In this video prepared by our teacher, Nasrettin told three stories of the teacher.

The video is here:

In addition to this video, a very nice resource sharing was also made. You can reach that source at: I hope the sequel to this storytelling series comes and it’ll be a very nice source to practice. With thick health

You can click on the links to youtube channel and instagram.

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